Agora is a new truly Greek experience
from the team behind Greco.

In ancient Greece, Agora was an open space used for public markets and as a meeting place. Our version of Agora is a thoughtfully re-defined modern market with exclusive products from Greece. Since opening Greco, we have been carefully sourcing from small, independent and boutique purveyors throughout Greece and now we are able to share these smells and tastes of home in a new way.

Stroll through the Agora and delight your senses with a curated mix of custom products that we use in our own cooking. Agora will feature an in-house cheese shop with various styles of PDO cheeses such as graviera, ladotyri, mastelo and manouri. The olive oil is from trees that are harvested exclusively for Greco. Provisions such as charcuterie, imported pasta, baked goods, nuts, honey and seasonal signature Greek treats will also be plentiful. For the first time, Greco’s signature sauces such as tzatziki, spicy feta and charred eggplant will also be available for retail.

Agora is located at the Greco Seaport location, 200 Pier 4 Blvd.
Follow along on Instagram at @agorabygreco.

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