Greek foods are flavorsome, fresh, and packed with spices and herbs. If you’re located in Boston, MA, and craving the delicacies of Greek foods, visit Greco today! We assembled a list of 5 recommended Greek foods to try in Boston, MA – keep reading to learn more. 


Fresh Fishes 

Fish and calamari come from the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, which happen to surround Greece. These tasty dishes are cooked with minimum fuss and are one of the most popular proteins to add to any meal. Although we’re not located on the Mediterranean or Aegean seas, Boston, MA can offer delicious Greek seafood options if you look hard enough. 



Gyros are similar to kabobs, and they are one of the more traditional Greek fast-casual dishes. It consists of pieces of meat that were cooked on a rotisserie and wrapped in a pita along with toppings of your choice. Vegetarian alternatives include grilled halloumi or feta cheese in replacement of the meat.



The Greeks love their pies – and so do we! You can find pies in all different shapes and forms, from those made with enriched dough to those with phyllo pastry. The most classic is the spanakopita which is phyllo with feta cheese and spinach. At Greco in Boston, MA we spanakpita rolls. Try them out today! 



A Greek delicacy loved by almost everyone, loukoumades are small doughnut-like balls with honey syrup and various toppings – typically pistachios or crushed walnuts. The dish is typically served in large quantities to share with friends and family. It’s Greek hospitality at its best! 


Visit GreCo in Boston, MA Today! 

Are you hungry just reading about these different dishes? Don’t worry, you can find them right here in Boston! Greco has locations across the city, so you can’t miss us. Visit Greco in the Backbay, Seaport, Hub Hall, or Downtown today!

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