History of Gyros and Where To Find Them in Boston, MA

When you first think of Greek food, Gyros are typically one of the foods that will come to mind. Once you eat your first gyro, one will not be enough. Have you ever wondered what the history of gyros actually is, and where they originate from? Many other cultures have a similar type of sandwich, so what makes a Gyro different? 


What is a Gyro?

The name “Gyro” itself comes from a Greek word meaning “round,” due to the round shape of the rotisserie the meat comes from. The slabs of meat, anything from beef, pork, lamb, or chicken, are seasoned and wrapped around a spit. The meat slowly cooks while rotating, and it is then sliced and placed into the sandwich. Traditional gyros include meat, tzatziki, chopped onion, chopped tomato, and sometimes even fries. These ingredients are all encased in a round of pita bread.


There are plenty of different variations out there, the uniqueness of Greek Gyros includes fries – however, these can be optional. In Athens, there is a version of this sandwich known as “Kalamaki.” All the elements of the sandwich are the same except the sliced meat is replaced with souvlaki.


Where can you get Gyros in Boston, MA? 

In Boston, MA, we are far away from the authentic Greek street foods that offer fresh gyros wherever you turn. However, we have a few hidden gems that may offer you a great escape right here in Boston. Here are some of our favorites in the city: 


Committee: This contemporary Greek restaurant is located directly at the Seaport. Cool crowds don’t just come for the food, with delicious gyros and spanakopita “grilled cheese” with feta and kasseri. They also come for the craft Greek cocktails, a kicky bunch with unique names that will always have you guessing. Visit us today to take a dive into Greece. 


Greco Truly Greek: There’s the American version of Greek food, then there’s the true blue GRECO experience. Indulge in our classic gyros with your choice of fillings and sauces. Add a delicious side of Greek salad or zucchini crisps. And finish off your meal with legendary loukoumades. At our modern eatery, you’ll experience authentic street fare, made with Greek love. Take a step off of the Boston, MA streets into a Greek experience. 


Visit Greco Truly Greek Today

Greco Truly Greek has a variety of different locations throughout the city, offering authentic Greek street fare made with fresh ingredients. We may not be around the corner from the beautiful country of Greece, but you can definitely get a good taste of the experience right here at Greco in Boston, MA. Visit us today!

Activities For a Spring Day in Boston, MA

As the days get warmer, Boston starts buzzing with activity and things for you to do during your time here – whether you are vacationing or want to do something different. The options for how to spend your spring day in Boston will consist of beautiful parks, fun dining venues, and spectacular weather. Continue reading to learn about the countless ways to spend your day in Boston!


Public Garden

Enjoy a beautiful day in Boston by taking a stroll or having a picnic in Boston’s Public Garden! This is known as the first botanical garden in America. Grab some takeout at Greco Truly Greek at any of our locations, and pick your spot at the Public Garden. The spring season is the perfect time to visit the public garden so you can see the beautiful foliage. While you’re in the public garden you can take a ride in a swan boat, and see the garden while being pedaled around the lagoon. This is definitely something to do while visiting Boston in the spring! 

Historic Options

When in Boston, you are surrounded by plenty of historic landmarks that are embedded throughout the city. A great way to spend your day in Boston is by visiting the historic sites all around the city! Great places to visit include The Freedom Trail, Old State House, Faneuil Hall, Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution, and more! You can visit these historic sites through a tour group company or do the touring on your own.

Dine out

Boston is well-known for their delicious food options. When visiting Boston there is countless food stop you should make depending on what you like. Whether you’re heading into Seaport for seafood, or North End for delicious Italian food, food in Boston is a must! While in Boston, get a taste of authentic Greek food at Greco Boston at any of our locations. Visit one of their three locations around the city while sightseeing! You will not regret making a stop into Greco, the Greek cuisine is not something to miss out on.

Visit Greco Boston

if you’re wondering how to spend a spring day in Boston, after sight-seeing all day, head into a Greco Boston location for delicious Greek cuisine. Our team is serving up must-try Gyros all day for you to try. Give us a call at (617) 572-3300 or place your order online to pick up! We look forward to serving you.

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