Things to Do in Georgetown, D.C

Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in America. It is in D.C., but who says old can’t be fun? The old city is packed with a lot of fun things to do, beautiful places to see, and great food places to visit. If you’re in Georgetown and need activities to enjoy, this list is for you. 

Walk The C&O Canal

Back in the day, the 1920s, to be precise. Georgetown was a central trade hub, and people from all across America used to buy and sell there using this Canal. The Canal still stands today in all its glory. It’s about 184.5 miles, and part of that stretch is in Georgetown, and you can explore all that history at least as many miles as you can walk. It’s an exciting walk with many things to see, buy, and enjoy. It is worth exploring, not to mention all the calories you can lose while walking. It’s a win-win exploration. 

Go to Georgetown University

Many people don’t like returning to school, but you’ll love this one. Georgetown University has a stunning campus that makes you want to enroll. It boasts a mix of that grand, old campus architecture and something more modern. It was founded in 1798, so it’s pretty old school. The university is quite large, so you can go around and feel like a student again. When you get tired of school, the campus is right next to the main shopping area in Georgetown so that you can get that feeling of college shopping. You will not be allowed to enter most of the buildings for a tour, but even from afar, you can catch that feeling as you admire the buildings.

Go Kayaking On The Potomac

Are you feeling sporty? How about an excellent kayaking session to explore the waters and work on your muscles? There are kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards for rent all over Georgetown. The best place for a water experience in Georgetown is The Potomac River. It is an enjoyable experience, especially in the summer when the sun bounces off the waters. Just be sure to bring a bottle of water or your favorite sports drinks to stay hydrated. It would help to store all your stuff in a watertight Ziploc bag in case water gets into your kayak. The experience is best shared with friends but can also be a fantastic solo experience. 

Explore The Canal On A Boat

We have already talked about walking the canal, but how about a nice cruise on a boat? There is a new C&O Canal boat in Georgetown that lets you explore the historical Canal with a boat. The Boat rides are available between Wednesday and Sunday in the spring. It’s a one-hour tour full of fun and history about the canal’s ways, technology, and culture, as well as the fascinating stories of the people who lived, worked, and played in that same Canal about two centuries ago.

Visit Greco Truly Greek

Georgetown has many things to do; there is much history to learn, many sights to see, things to taste, and relaxing experiences to get. After a long day exploring the city, visit Greco Truly Greek in Georgetown to get some delicious locally sourced Greek cuisine in D.C. Stay tuned for our new location opening in Union Market!

Fun Things to Do in Downtown Boston

Don’t let the simple name of Downtown Boston fool you; there’s nothing down about that town at all. Downtown Boston is a great place to enjoy, from unique boat cruises to colorful streets that make you feel alive and even chilling ghost tours that are both terrifying and surprisingly educational. Want some fun things to do downtown? Keep reading here. 

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Maybe you’re looking for a more serene and quiet experience, so how about exploring the Rose Kennedy Greenway? It’s a beautiful galore of adorable parks, gorgeous plazas, and heavenly gardens in Downtown Boston. Bring your walking shoes because it’s over a mile and connects several neighborhoods. Apart from its beauty, one more thing that makes it loved is that the 17-acre Greenway is accessible all year round for locals and visitors alike. Rose Kennedy Greenway is where you need to go if you like art, flowers, and architecture.

Tour The Streets Of Downtown

If you want a long, entertaining, and educational walk, you will like a tour of Downtown. Don’t worry, there’s a tour guide involved. The experience lasts only about 2.5 hours but is packed with incredible experiences. On the tour, you get to see a lot of Downtown’s most iconic neighborhoods. Your journey begins in fabulous Copley Square, and then you’ll pass through the beautiful streets of Beacon Hill, known for its charming cobblestone lanes and Federal-style architecture. All along the journey, you hear the rich tales of the city and its involvement in shaping today’s America. Isn’t that fun? 

Walk The Freedom Trail

Are you a history lover? Why not explore Downtown Boston’s past by walking the Freedom Trail? All you need is a pair of your most comfortable shoes to enjoy the Freedom Trail Downtown. You can start at the Old South Meeting House on Milk Street or by the Old Corner Bookstore on Washington Street. To make it easy for tourists to spot, the Freedom Trail is marked by a distinctive double line of red bricks in the pavement that runs through the 2.5-mile trail district. If you don’t want to go solo and need a well-narrated tour, book the tour with a costumed guide at the ArtsBoston booth in Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It’s immersive and educational. 

The Wilbur Theater

Okay, it’s time for the theater lovers! You’ll have a blast at the Wilbur Theatre if you are one. This historic theater opened in 1913, and efforts have been made to restore it to its original appearance. It is now used for various events, like comedy shows, music concerts, lectures, etc. If you’re lucky, maybe you can catch a show or two. But if not, you can take in the fantastic architecture. The Wilbur Theatre is built with a vast main floor seating area, two balconies, and two side boxes, just like in the old days. But it is now fitted with a state-of-the-art audio and lighting system. If you want that bourgeoisie feeling, you can book a private room for food and drinks or a VIP lounge for a truly exclusive experience.

Visit Greco Truly Greek 

After walking around downtown Boston, you’ll want to stop for some delicious food. Greco Truly Greek serves a variety of Greek fast-casual foods throughout the city, including Downtown, Back Bay, and more. Pop in, order online, and join our rewards program.  

Fast Casual Greek Foods To Try This Winter

Greece has a long history of delicious flavors, Mediterranean delicacies, and vibrant culture. If you are craving some good Greek fast-casual foods, keep reading below for some options to try at Greco Truly Greek.


Greco has many different Gyro options to match your taste best. We offer gyros with various meat options, including lamb, pork, or chicken. Additionally, they are all filled with tomato, onion, and tzatziki. Gyros originated in Greece and is a food you will find on every street corner in Greek cities. If requested, a Gyro is packed with thinly sliced meat, the above toppings, and fried potatoes. It can’t be missed; try it at Greco today!


Loukaniko is a Greek sausage dish made up of pork or lamb. It is flavored with dried herbs and smoked over wood. Loukaniko can be served as a mezze or a main dish if you’d prefer and can be fried. Loukaniko comes from the ancient Roman cuisine Lucania, which is also famous in Greece. We offer Loukaniko with pork and leek sausage here at Grek Truly Greek.


Bifteki is Greek meatballs – a meat mix stuffed with feta cheese and grilled. Made up of a combination of oregano, mint, and onion, it all creates an authentic Greek taste. This delicious dish could also be considered a Greek burger. Greco offers Bifteki with ground beef, Greek herbs, onions, tomatoes, and spicy feta. Try it today – it can’t be beaten.


You’re missing out on a Greek delicacy if you’ve never had souvlaki. This flavorful Greek favorite will be your favorite protein-packed dish at Greco. The chicken souvlaki with tzatziki is typically served on a skewer or in a pita with various toppings. You won’t be disappointed if you opt for the skewer or the pita version.

Visit Greco Truly Greek

If you’re near a Greco, take advantage of these delicious Greek fast-casual options this winter. Allow the delightful Greek meals to transport you to Greece as you share them with your friends and families.

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