We put together a list of facts about Greek cuisine. Keep reading below to learn more about why Greek food is unique and why it is popular around the world! Visit Greco in Boston, MA to try our authentic fresh Greek cuisine.


Champions of Olive Oil

Olive oil consistently receives praise for being a star of the Mediterranean diet. Many scientists have proven that olive oil helps to prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and cancer if consumed regularly. Olive oil plays a key role in Mediterranean food – Greek food, in particular. Greeks take great pride in the fact that their ancestors were, in all likelihood, the first people to plant olive trees in the Mediterranean region, including France, Italy, and Spain. Greek cooking utilizes olive oil in just about everything, adding rich flavor to every meal!


The Story of Potatoes in Greece

The Greek story of potatoes states that Greece’s first governor, Ioannis Kapodistrias, wanted to introduce potatoes into the beautiful country. Legend has it, he ordered potatoes that were to be given for free, but the Greek communities showed no interest in this exotic crop. He thought of a trick. He ordered potatoes that were to be unloaded in public display and guarded by security. They instructed the guards to turn a blind eye if any of the locals tried stealing the potatoes. The plan was crowned with success. The Greeks saw the potatoes as valuable, and soon began stealing them all – quickly, they fell in love with the new exotic crop.


Little Meat, Lots of Vegetables

Greek cuisine can be associated with tender meat dishes, such as lamb skewers and kleftik, and tangy cheeses like our favorite, feta. The rocky terrain and arid climate of Greece made it much easier for sheep and goats rather than cattle, so the most traditional meat and dairy products originated from those animals. For many centuries, pork, poultry, rabbit, and seafood were seen as luxuries and typically only used for a special occasion – or in the old times for the high-class. Vegetables, therefore, were the primary menu options across Greece. With plenty of vegetables growing in the region, the fresh vegetarian dishes are priceless. For most dishes nowadays, meat is a side dish or an extra add-on.


East Meets West

Lastly, ss with most famous cuisines, Greek food is full of influences from around the world, but mostly from its neighbor Turkey. Most of Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire for almost 300 years, and as a result the dishes you find in modern Greece you may also find through the Mediterranean. These dishes include stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, and many more. It is difficult to say where each of these dishes originated, though it seems that most sweets delicacies of the region such as baklava, came from Greece with strong influences from the middle east and Turkey.


Visit Greco Truly Greek Today

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