Greek food is simple, but it is far from boring. This cuisine is set apart from its competitors due to its artful use of sauces. Greek chefs subtly use spices, and it can be easy to forget that they are even there. But many of them are the foundation of the dish – such as avgolemono sauce, and others are used as dips, such as tzatziki. 

Many Greek dishes have multiple different versions depending on where they are cooked. The island of Santorini is known for its tomato sauces, and Corfu uses tomato sauce due to its proximity to Italy. Using spices, Greek cooks can use sauces in unexpected ways. Here’s a review of some of our favorite sauces used in Greek cooking.



One of the unique sauces in Greek cooking is avgolemono, made from egg and lemon. Greek chicken soup is one of the most common uses. Avgolemono is often used as a sauce in dishes such as dolmades, stuffed grape leaves, and stuffed cabbage. It’s made by beating eggs until they are frothy and then adding broth and lemon juice until it creates a sauce.



Tzatziki is mainly used as a dip, but it’s also a famous dipping sauce that accompanies meat dishes, crackers, pita, and other meze dishes. It is also most famously known for its place in gyros. In Greece, restaurants often bring homemade tzatziki to your table with bread as an appetizer. This is a prime example of a sauce used as both a dip and a sauce – the variety of Greek foods is genuinely endless.


Pepper Paprika

Pepper paprika is a Greek-style sauce made with Florina peppers and smoked paprika. It comes on pitas, salads, or plates – or even just as a dip on the side; you won’t regret it. Many paprika sauce recipes don’t contain ground paprika, but they will add color and flavor to the dish. Paprika sauce is versatile, so you can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste.


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