Greece has a long history of delicious flavors, Mediterranean delicacies, and vibrant culture. If you are craving some good Greek fast-casual foods, keep reading below for some options to try at Greco Truly Greek.


Greco has many different Gyro options to match your taste best. We offer gyros with various meat options, including lamb, pork, or chicken. Additionally, they are all filled with tomato, onion, and tzatziki. Gyros originated in Greece and is a food you will find on every street corner in Greek cities. If requested, a Gyro is packed with thinly sliced meat, the above toppings, and fried potatoes. It can’t be missed; try it at Greco today!


Loukaniko is a Greek sausage dish made up of pork or lamb. It is flavored with dried herbs and smoked over wood. Loukaniko can be served as a mezze or a main dish if you’d prefer and can be fried. Loukaniko comes from the ancient Roman cuisine Lucania, which is also famous in Greece. We offer Loukaniko with pork and leek sausage here at Grek Truly Greek.


Bifteki is Greek meatballs – a meat mix stuffed with feta cheese and grilled. Made up of a combination of oregano, mint, and onion, it all creates an authentic Greek taste. This delicious dish could also be considered a Greek burger. Greco offers Bifteki with ground beef, Greek herbs, onions, tomatoes, and spicy feta. Try it today – it can’t be beaten.


You’re missing out on a Greek delicacy if you’ve never had souvlaki. This flavorful Greek favorite will be your favorite protein-packed dish at Greco. The chicken souvlaki with tzatziki is typically served on a skewer or in a pita with various toppings. You won’t be disappointed if you opt for the skewer or the pita version.

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If you’re near a Greco, take advantage of these delicious Greek fast-casual options this winter. Allow the delightful Greek meals to transport you to Greece as you share them with your friends and families.

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