At Greco in Boston, our favorite dessert without a doubt is our Greek-style donuts, called Loukoumades, which are provided in a variety of different flavors. For those not familiar with loukoumades, they are fried donuts served warm and drizzled with honey syrup and cinnamon. On occasion, it is sprinkled with walnuts or a topping of your choice. They are served throughout Greece, where the history of this donut can be traced back to BC times. 


The history of loukoumades roots back to the original Olympic Games. The Greeks honored the Gods and the prize came in an edible form of “honey tokens.” These honey tokens happened to be fried dough covered in honey. The Olympic games in today’s time might not award loukoumades, but in Greece, this donut is still sacred. No matter the time, you can travel anywhere in Greece cities and find shops selling loukoumades. 


The Origin of Loukoumades

Unlike most American donut shops, which fill the air with the scent of heavy oil, the aroma in the air when baking loukoumades is honey and cinnamon filled. The scent of Greek Loukoumades is warm and inviting, making it almost impossible to say no to. Loukoumades were known as “charisoi” (χαρίσιοι), which translates in English to “charisma”. This could be a reason that loukoumades, likely the first-ever recorded dessert, is one of the most praised desserts out there.


Since the invention of loukoumades during the original Olympic games, the recipe spread through Turkey, Egypt, Persia, and Italy, which led to a variety of loukoumades being made and adjusted throughout the entire world. So when you order that donut, take some time to remember where these glazed treats came from. 


Loukoumades in Boston, MA

At Greco in Boston, we provide our community with a variety of different loukoumades, or Greek donuts. We have a classic option, with honey, walnuts, and cinnamon that is a crowd favorite. With also have a Bougatsa option, with custard creme, phyllo, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. Yaya’s loukoumades come with hazelnut praline, oreo cookies, and powdered sugar as well. Lastly, we offer the kataifi with custard, shredded phyllo, honey, and pistachio.


Don’t miss out on the delicious and unique loukoumades at Greco in Boston, MA. Greco is the neighborhood we grew up in, the stories we heard while growing up, the people we loved, and we want to share our experience with you. Visit us today, or visit our website to learn more and order online! 

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