Greece is a special place where memories can be made. Many who have once visited can attest to how spectacular it is. To this day, it remains one of the best holiday and vacation destinations for many people.

Famous for its array of drinks that will have your tastebuds singing for joy, we have a great wine list, Greek spirits, and fun cocktails to indulge in on a night out. Whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic ones, you’ll find one that suits your taste. Here are a few drinks and beverages we’ve compiled to help you taste Greece in Boston and Washington, D.C

Retsina and Vinsanto Wine 

This traditional Greek wine has a distinct flavor infused with Aleppo pine resin. It has been the favorite of many Greeks since far back, and many locals make it themselves. It is among the best Greek wines from the beautiful volcanic Island of Santorini. Vinsanto —- Vin di Santorini (wine of Santorini) is also known as “the ambrosia of the Gods.” It is made with a rare and exclusive sun-dried grape that only grows on the Island’s soil. This wine is considered one of the best. It is amber-colored, deep orange with brown tints. Its fruity and dry texture best complements fresh fruits or desserts.


This drink is made from Greek grapes and is referred to as one of the silkiest and softest amber spirits around the globe. It means Greek and combines Muscat white wine from Samos and various Mediterranean botanicals aged in oak barrels.

Greek Beers

If you are a beer fan, know that Greece houses over seventy beers. There are many options to get, and the best part is that different microbreweries produce them. Be assured of getting the best beers ranging from Ale to Stout, Weiss, and Lager, to mention a few.

Greek Mountain Tea

While Greeks love their coffee, they also have the following best alternative: hot beverages. Mountain Tea —- Tsai Tou Vo is also called Sideritis and Ironwort. This plant is found in the mountains of Greece and its neighboring countries. So, it is not yet but a different plant. It is considered the healthiest hot beverage due to the plant’s high antioxidants. Therefore, you can drink it alone or add liquid gold — honey. Since it doesn’t contain caffeine, you can drink it anytime and day.

Visit Greco Truly Greek

From wines to beverages and beers, the option for drinks is endless. You get the complete package and authentic beverages when you visit Greece. Visit Greco Truly Greek for delicious Greek cuisine and pair it with an original Greek drink. 

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