Gyros are the most popular types of wraps worldwide, standing side-by-side with the burrito and shawarma. However, unlike the burrito and shawarma, what makes a gyro stand out are the cuts of meat they feature, along with their delicious collections of sauces. There are four main types of meat that you will see in a gyro, and they don’t just go interchangeably. Choosing one over the other will give you a different taste since they pair each with various sauces. 



Pigs became a viable option for meat when farmers had fewer sheep. But now, when you order pork, they’ll add shrunk fat as well in your gyro, giving it the unique flavor you want. And out of all the cuts of pork that people can use for the gyro, the most popular one is the pork shoulder. This cut has an excellent meat-to-fat ratio when compared to pork belly. The shoulder meat has just the right amount of fat to make it perfectly moist and tender without the extra carbs.



The origins of Gyro meat can be traced back to the Turkish kebab, which they make by cutting the lamb along its vertical skewer. The perfect way to prepare lamb shoulder is by cooking it on the grill or roasting it in the oven, letting the meat get tender and juicy. This is great for preparing traditional kebabs, giving you more options for designing your gyro.



Beef is the most popular choice for using meat in making a Gyro worldwide. Gyros benefit from beef because it is naturally rich in fat, allowing the meat to get tender and juicy. Like lamb, chefs grill beef on hot coals and in a rotisserie, where it remains for hours. All the fat is rendered and applied to the outside beef in roasters, making it a perfect choice. This is for those who prefer fatter cuts like prime rib or the more expensive but highly flavorful rhubarb roast.



Among the four types of meat, chicken is the most tender and is a popular choice for people who aren’t used to other meats. However, chicken is a little thinner, so cooking can be surprisingly tricky without letting it dry out completely. You still want it to be juicy without worrying about its consistency being similar to beef’s. 


Visit Greco Truly Greek for Gyros 

Gyros are one of Greece’s most popular and straightforward dishes to assemble. However, the real challenge comes with cooking the meat thoroughly, giving it that delicious sear. And depending on the cut of meat you choose, you can have an incredibly flavorful gyro. Today, visit Greco Truly Greek in Boston, MA, or Washington, D.C., to try our gyros.

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