Whether you’re embracing your Greek heritage or want to try beverages from around the globe, the best Greek drinks are hard to forget. With a wide variety of options, there is something for all alcohol drinkers. When you’re ready to try something new, consider one of Greece’s best drinks!



If you desire the best Greek drinks, the national drink is where you should start. Ouzo is typically consumed before a meal as an aperitif or after a meal as a digestif. Ouzo has a distinct licorice flavor and is similar to absinthe. Although it may seem odd, Ouzo is often served mixed with water. The mixture creates a cloudy effect since the oils in the anise seeds do not dissolve. Greeks and tourists alike commonly enjoy this beverage!



Tsipouro is crafted from the leftover grape pomace after making wine. The pomace is distilled in copper stills and then aged in oak barrels, producing a transparent spirit with high alcohol content. It is not typically used in drink mixers and is served chilled and straight. Although varying regions of Greece produce distinct styles and flavors of Tsipouro, each area boasts a flavorful and aromatic beverage many love. 



Kitron comes from a native Greek tree, called a kitron tree, found on the island of Naxos. The beverage is made using the leaves and fruits produced by the tree, which are soaked in alcohol and combined with sugar and water. This drink is sweet and tangy, with the ability to drink it straight or in a cocktail. 


Greek Wines

Winemaking is a craft in Greece, and as a craft, there are several Greek wines that you should try. Some Greek wines you don’t want to miss include:

  1. Assyrtiko
  2. Xinomavro
  3. Agiorgitiko
  4. Moschofilero
  5. Mavrodaphne

If you’re a fan of white wines, you may want to try Assyrtiko or Moschofilero. Both are crisp and flavorful, though Assyrtiko is citrusy and Moschofilero is floral. Lovers of red wine should try Xinomavro or Agiogitko. Xinomavro offers flavors of rich, dark fruits, while Agiogitko brings a velvety texture and fruity taste. If you prefer a sweet wine, Mavrodaphne is best for you. It is commonly compared to port wine. 


Greek Beers

Mythos is the most famous Greek beer. It is a light lager with a crisp taste. If you’re a beer drinker interested in Greek beers, this Athens-brewed beverage is a great place to start. Nissos is another Greek beer worth trying. It is made on the island of Tinos using traditional brewing techniques and high-quality ingredients. If you’re a fan of hoppy beers, don’t miss out on this one! Another beer to consider is Vergina, a pilsner brewed in Thessaloniki. It boasts a crisp taste and goes well with several Greek dishes.

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