If you want to try something new this summer, either to cook or eat out, look to explore other cultures and regions! For example, try out Greek cuisine this summer – it is delicious, healthy, and fresh. Here are some of our favorite options for Greek cuisine this summer.


Summer Mezze

There’s no better way to experience Greek cuisine than a delicious shareable mezze platter. This is a perfect option for friends and family filled with small bites that burst with flavor. Combining textures, colors, and temperatures is the foundation of making a mezze plate. Typical components of a Greek mezze plate consist of spreads, vegetables, cheese, and other small bites – imagine a Greek take on a charcuterie board. 


This summer, try spicing up the mezze platter with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers with Greek Kalamata olives for those traditional flavors. Add some marinated eggplant and feta cheese, and you’ll have the perfect Greek platter! If you don’t feel like preparing it yourself, explore our side dish options at Greco Truly Greek here in Boston, MA! We do catering, takeout, and more. 


Traditional Greek Seafood and Meats

Greece is well-known for its seafood due to its proximity to the ocean. Greek cuisine relies on locally sourced, fresh seafood. If you visit Greece, you will find plenty of options such as shrimp, octopus, fish, and shellfish on almost every restaurant menu. It is a big part of the cuisine year-round, especially in the summer months. Calamari is a fan favorite in Greek cuisine that has become popular worldwide and is typically served with lemon and fresh parsley. Simple Greek seafood dishes include Bourdeto, and Astakomakaronada is a pasta dish filled with lobster meat and will likely remind you of Italian dinners with a Greek flair.


If you prefer traditional meats over seafood, Greece has plenty of dishes with fresh meats, including chicken, beef, pork, and more. Greek meatballs made with feta cheese are one of the most common dishes. You’ve probably heard of Gyros, which come with various meats, including lamb and pork. Souvlaki is also a fan favorite for Greek cuisine lovers. Consider trying beef and lamb souvlaki at your next dinner party – or order Gyros catering from Greco! 


Greek Desserts

Lastly, finish off your summer Greek cuisine list with delicious Greek desserts. Most people are familiar with baklava, a phyllo pastry with pistachios and honey. There are lots of other Greek desserts, not just the favorite baklava. Kataifi is similar to baklava; it adds almonds instead of the traditional pistachios. Almond lovers will also love the conventional shortbread cookies, kourabiethes.


Visit Greco Truly Greek This Summer

With a plethora of options for Greek cuisine, fill your summer with fresh seafood, locally-sourced vegetables, and Greek herbs if you have a busy schedule or would prefer the professionals to visit Greco Truly Greek at one of our locations across Boston, MA. Even if you aren’t in Greece, you can still get your food pretty close by coming to Greco! 

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